Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Lest I forget: Two hawk sightings on the walk into work today:

First one was of a big guy having the time of his (her) life on a thermal. I love to watch them as they glide along "making lazy circles in the sky." Of course, the pigeons aren't so thrilled.

The second sighting was quite a surprise: I was walking down Clarendon Hill when I heard this "chowEEE! chowEEE!" behind me. Looked up startled and saw the hawk in a tree, neck stuck down into the shoulders like an owl, just checking out the scene.

Saw a pair of what might have been peregrines perched in a tree in Medford on Sunday while on a walk with Hal on Sunday.

I'm always amazed by these new city dwellers. They are so huge! I swear, I've run into one in Harvard Square who had to be at least two feet tall. Also, it makes me laugh to see these graceful 'ghetto raptors' perched in trees, sometimes shrubs or on fences looking for all the world like big, predatory chickens.

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