Sunday, May 21, 2006

Well, it happened again. Found that yet member of upper management's been passing my work off as their own.

Five years, no raises and scores of bureaucratic changes for the worse later, I've taken to comforting myself with the notion that, just like the masons during medieval times who worked not for themselves but the greater glory of God, my work is appreciated. It may not be glorifying me, but someone's getting promoted for it.


Bug in Amber

I miss him, but I don't miss the relationship. I do love him, I just can't live with him. I wish that he could see past his notions of what a girlfriend should be and understand that he was strangling me. I wish that he would, for a change, take a look at himself and not constantly blame "my problems" for Us not working. I wish to God that he didn't feel that he could be friends with me because I was "the love of his life." I also wish that he didn't feel that jealousy was better than indifference and that outside friendships weren't emotional infidelity.

(from Grimpen Mire)

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