Tuesday, May 30, 2006


On the way into work today, I got pooped on by a bird. According to several sources, this is apparently very good luck. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket or something.


Simon Kenton said...

Not on the way, but at work, I had been pooped on repeatedly by my new supervisors. A little more than a little is by much too much. So I went to my old supervisor and said, "We need to talk about getting rid of me." And so we are. (My old supervisor is also getting self-rid too.)

I'm not ascribing much to luck here, but God! the knowledge that in three weeks I back everything up and send it off has elevated my mood somethin' fierce.

I'm not the only one - many are snuffing it at once, and in the next 2 months. I admit to a mean soupcon of schadenfreude, contemplating how they are scrabbling to hire and train. In my own case, my job will go to 3 people. I wish them joy of it.

I'm going to purchase the Franklin Mint Commemorative Edition Bebere Powerball Ticket, and if it wins, my agents will be in touch.

Be said...

My boss likes to say that we "make our own good luck," and I am inclined to believe it. Have been shaking things up in my life over the past months - painful, but ultimately healthy I believe. Haven't gotten up the energy to start the job search, yet, though. Am hoping to do so over the next few months.

Best wishes to you in your next endeavour(s), and I hope that the good spirits keep up for you!

I should warn you: you're statistically more likely to win the lottery if you DON'T buy the Commemorative Edition Bebere Powerball Ticket than if you do. If you do buy one and win, I'll be thrilled. I'm always happy when people I know (even tangentially) win stuff.

Simon Kenton said...

My recollection may be wrong, but aren't you approaching the date when the golden fetters fall away: vesting for 403(b) and pension (if any)? I doubt most HR departments really understand the subtle shifts in attitude that take place when that magic moment is reached. Anyway, if you are close, more power to you.

Be said...

Oh, I got vested maybe like three months ago. It's like graduating from college, though: what do I do now?