Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taking Stock.

Have been sorting through piles of things in my very disorganized life lately, trying to make sense of a lot of the clutter. This weekend saw me reorganizing the guest / yarn room. Found in the closet a whole bunch of what're known as "UFOs," or unfinished objects.

There was a baby sweater:

For Buttercup! One sleeve was longer than the other, so I looked for some matching yarn, grafted on a few more rows, then finished the garment. A good, serious wet-blocking both evened up some of the uneven stitches and brought out the lace pattern in the yoke. Decided to pass a bit of satin ribbon through some eyelets rather than sew a button on, as I thought it looked kind of sweet. Since there's a teeny bit of this yellow yarn left, I might make a little matching cap. For those of you who are interested, here's the pattern. I've made a dozen of these sweaters so far as they knit up very quickly and people are breeding like rabbits here.

two half-unravelled tank tops (didn't like how they turned out), a striped sweater, completed but for 1/2 a sleeve, a hat/scarf combination and a stuffed toy I'd not yet embroidered a face on.

It's supposed to be a farmer rabbit from Debbie Bliss's Stuffed toy collection. The gauge of the yarn being what it is and my choice of costume makes it look more like a Mennonite elephant than a bunny. I'm thinking of keeping it as is, rather than putting a face on.

Then there were the socks:

Deer Isle colors: mossy green like the ocean in the cove interspersed with bands of gold, green and red seaweed. The wharf bleached nearly bone-white by sun, salt and age. I started knitting these socks on a boat trip into the Bay of Fundy nearly a year ago.

Don't know why I stopped with only a heel and toe to go. Don't know how these ended up under a pile of unwanted things in a spare room closet. It's funny the things we can sometimes cast aside for no apparent reason other than whim.

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