Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jardins Sous La Pluie

In the brief periods between downpours, dragged the new toy out to see what I could document of the spring flowers before the rain took them all away:

A couple years back, I caught my landlord hacking away at one of the hosta plants, his maintenance being that they were little more than weeds. Of the two bunches of them that I managed to save, I ended up giving away something like 70 plants. Kept about 30 and to distribute around the house and plant in my neighbor's yard. Everywhere I put them, they have thrived to the point that they're crowding everything out and making the place look like a jungle. Clearly they need to be divided, redistributed and given up for adoption to good homes. Any takers?

Idem with the bleeding hearts. (I've also got astilbes and irises coming up like gangbusters if anyone would like any.)

The toughest thing has been watching the poor lilacs rot on the branches,

as this is the first year that they've been out in proliferation. I'd been pruning the old trees (which had gone rank) for some time, and was looking forward to waking up to the hoped-for flowers' perfume on sunny mornings.

Maybe that'll happen if things dry up enough over the next few days. If not, well, there's always the climbing rose under my window in summer.

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