Friday, May 05, 2006

Spring around the Mystic

Took a walk around the Mystic Reservation last weekend: it's amazing what there is to see that's new and different with each change of seasons.

Last fall, we were lamenting the dying leaves falling from the trees. We did, though, take comfort in the knowledge that stuff would spring back in the following months when they were good and ready:

Some sort of beech?

Maple fruits

Buds that look like little locusts from a plant that most certainly wasn't a locust

Budding ailanthus


And they call this a weed.

Yeah, right.


Spring romance?

Potential goslings (I can think of no other place I'd rather be if I were an egg. Doesn't this look cozy?).


This fellow was either practicing or he saw something that looked appetizing near us. A couple times, he got a bit too close for comfort.


(Thanks to the Guy, as always, for the photos)


Pablo said...

I haven't learned to identify trees by their shoots, though I might identify it if I saw the bark and buds.

I doubt the first one is beech, though.

Be said...

I had no idea what it was.