Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Happy technical Monday.
I'm feeling much better than during the weekend, thank you very much.
The back and neck aren't completely better, but I have considerably more motility than when I started the weekend (I don't feel as though I should be wearing a neck brace and suing someone). It's raining again, of course. I worry for the garden.

This weekend was such a haze of pain and anger. Anger at the pain, and at other things. When I'm like this, I feel very weak and raw. The guy was banished from my life pretty definitively on Saturday. We're negotiating right now.

Since I can't run right now, I've been taking to walking the running route - just to keep things up. Not too bad - same nice scenery, just a bit slower is all. I hope that I can get the knees, ankles (and still) the foot in decent shape so as to be able to pick up the pace again.

New York School Orgy on WHRB right now. Wolff's "Duo for Violin and Pianist."

Nothing pithy, witty, meaningful here. Just some impressions colored by a gray morning.

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