Saturday, June 19, 2004

Another beheading, more images of torture in Abu Ghraib - this time of the horrors perpetrated by Saddam's thugs. (I won't link to the pictures of Nick Johnson's decapitated body - you want to see them, you'll find them. I also have to warn you, Nick Shulz's article on the Abu Ghraib video is very graphic and made me sick to my stomach.)

Given how the US guard scandal - a horrible thing to be sure, but surely not the norm, and something that is being investigated and corrected as I write - was paraded all over the television screens and newspaper front pages, why is it that next to no one is covering these other acts of atrocity? Is it because they give lie to the notions that the media hold to be their truth?

Ed Driscoll has some great posts on the nature of this, and other forms of historical revisionism taking place.

(via Instapundit, of course.)

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