Thursday, June 17, 2004

Three cheers for the State Department!

I needed to get my passport renewed - figured it would take at least a couple months, so sent the extra fee to expedite matters some. Last week, I got a surprise call from a lovely fellow in New Hampshire (the national passport processing facility), telling me that it wouldn't take so long - maybe three weeks, and maybe I could spend the money better elsewhere. Goodness! He voided my check, recharged me at 1/2 the amount. Figured I'd get my new passport in July sometime.
Looked in my mail slot at work yesterday and found that the darn thing had arrived!

I am so pleased! Hal says that I got this treatment because a guy saw my photo. I don't know about that. Being a bureaucrat, I understand that, though there are many ineffectuals out there, there are a few good eggs as well.

Time for a round of "Don't Worry About the Government:"

"...Some civil servants are just like my loved ones
They work so hard and they try to be strong.
I'm a lucky guy to live in my building,
We all need buildings to help us along.

It's over there, it's over there!

My building has every convenience
It's gonna make life easy for me.
It's gonna be easy to get things done
I will relax along with my loved ones...

...loved ones, loved ones, enter the building.
Take the highway out and come up and see me.
I'll be working-working, but if you come visit
I'll put down what I'm doing; my friends are important.

Don't you worry about me
I wouldn't worry about me
Don't you worry about me...
Don't - you - worry - 'bout - me!"

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