Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Had my nose to the ground during yesterday's walk. It's the best way to find spare change, not to mention other valuable things. This time around, though, didn't find any gold or diamonds:

Leaves, Pebbles, Fence

Just little tongues of flame.


Had no idea what kind of tree these toothed red blades came from, so did as I always do and asked Pavel. He told me that they were a Japanese variety of elm called Zelkova (or keyaki) that a lot of cities started planting after the native elms were destroyed by blight. Looking up, I noted that, yes, it did look awfully Asian.

Zelkova on Summer Street

Fits in really nicely with the Silver Maples, sugar maples, ornamental pears, crabs, locusts, ginkos, etc. Also reminded me that it's been a while since I've walked around the neighborhood with my Peterson Guide (not that this species would figure within).


jo said...

I thought my Mom was the only one who did that. she is forever picking up money. She and a friend used to walk everyday at work and they started a kittie and collected all their case. I remember at one point it was around $50.00

Unknown said...

I just found 2 cents when I came out of Dollar General. Does that count?

Be said...

Jo: you need to look at Sissy's site! (Moxie on my blogroll) She tags her scores as "walkies," if I remember correctly.

A friend of mine used to say that I looked up too often and missed money on the street. He was right. I try to balance "nuque a la lune" (head in the clouds)with the the nose to the ground, Has been surprisingly profitable.

Dad: Pennies Make Dollars! Check out around bus stops. Here, anyway, you find a lot of dimes, as they're small and lightweight and people don't bother picking them up before boarding.