Tuesday, October 02, 2007

All that glitters

Shoulders heavy with the burden of the upcoming day, head down so as to hide my sad-sack face from oncoming pedestrians, I made my way to work. At about a third of the way on, my eye caught a glimmer from the periphery which turned out to be a T token! This cheered me up quite a bit, as my other token had gone missing from the keychain a little while ago.

As my eyes were a bit bleary from ragweed and tears, I didn't notice the other little treat that luck decided toss my way until after I'd picked it up and pocketed with the token: a gold ring. It's just a plain little thing stamped 14k that's too small for my ring finger but too large for the pinky. Though certainly not as spectacular as the diamond ring I found at the end of a rainbow, it's a nice little rebate for all the sadness I'd been feeling lately.

My boss tells me that, with gold at +-$700/ounce, I should sell it. I don't want to, though. Can't see selling a gift like this.*

* and a gift it is, as far as I'm concerned. My lost and found posting's come and gone with no responses.

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