Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Money and health issues aside: I'm actually pretty happy. The trip to the symphony a week and a half ago still has me turning on my toes in my kitchen/dance studio*:

Even a long-gone Dead French Guy'll do that to this girl.

Have to figure out something nice to do for the person who gave me the ticket then even took me out to dinner** that evening. It made me feel as young as I was when I actually lived around the corner from Symphony Hall.


*Seriously! It's the biggest room in the house, has a good, slidey linoleum floor and, when I keep the bathroom door open, I can watch myself in a full-length mirror. I do all my stretches/yoga/dance practice here. I'd even do my tae-bo workout in there if I felt like moving the TV in.

**Thai, of course.

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