Friday, October 05, 2007


A friend had an extra ticket to the BSO tonight, so offered it to me. I'd been daydreaming about the program for some time, so am thrilled.

Did a quick run to Target to get something acceptable to wear (it is, after all, casual Friday), then managed to get through the rest of the afternoon somehow (hard thing to do when you're all fidgety like a five year old).

I believe the ring has something to do with this. Whenever I find one, other happy things follow in its wake. The symphony's only one of a few treats that've fallen in my lap this week.


Saint Russell said...

I've been living an hour north of Boston for the last dozen years, and I still haven't made it to Symphony Hall. Does the organ live up to expectations, after the (very expensive) restoration? The Poulenc concerto is one of my top favorites!

Saint Russell said...

Oops.. now I see I'm commenting a few days late, and the link was misleading. You heard the all-Ravel program, then?

Be said...

OMG! Yes! I heard the Ravel concerto! I've been too tired to post about it, though (I'm really sorry.) This week, I promise, among other things.