Friday, October 16, 2009

Cash is out, stocks are out. Commodities are in.

Black Gold.


Mentioned to Pavel that this looked like some sort of remake of a scene from Stroheim's Greed. He was all like, "been thinking that all day, myself." Cosmic.

At least, that's what Pavel's telling me (and he ought to know).

Actually, Job Lots had a sale on sunflower seed a couple weeks ago: $19 for a 50 lb bag. Loaded up as much of it as poor Speed Racer could handle (five bags) and ground home. Found that, since Trouble has a territory marking problem, we'd need something more sturdy than paper bags to hold the stuff. Cheap trash bins from Home Depot seem to have done the trick.

At the rate we use this stuff, 250 lbs should last until the end of February.


jo said...

You'll need a few bin to ditch the pounds and POUNDS of seed waste when they are all done! I remember we used to shovel a few bins full from under the tree every spring. We have switched to hearts (which I know are crazy cost) but less mess, but I still need to get some black oil for the tweets that like it.

Be said...

Well, P's yard's a bit 'how do you say' rustic, so we're hoping to get away with calling the hulls "mulch." Will see what happens come Spring.