Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Pavel's in bed resting. A couple days ago, he started feeling a tickle, then a pain in the throat. Now, he's got this cough that rumbles up from deep in his lungs. We're hoping it's not an early flu. He's hungry, though, and eating a fair bit. Just really tired and sleeping a lot. If he doesn't get better in a couple days, I'm going to force him to go to the clinic across the street.

I've been pretty verschlucht myself, lately, but figured that it had to do more with the weird weather outdoors and the mix of hot-dry forced air from dirty ducts in a house that is perpetually drafty with a cold edge to it*. Also, suffer from allergies and an asthmatic wheeze.

Ampersand's heave has come back, too, though not as badly as when she had to go to the hospital. That'll arrive; just a matter of time. The doctor gave her six months and we're on month four already. Told Pavel that the next visit, if they can't do anything quick and dirty, that she really needs to be put to sleep. It's not fair if she's going to be terrorized and uncomfortable when she's old and not ever going to get better.


* Killer combination, that. Just about every house I've ever lived in here has been like that - old, uninsulated due to the availability of cheap oil for heating. Had a ton of insulation blown in over the past year or so, but still have some missed spots on account of future major projects. Also, the windows are terrible.


Unknown said...

I'm chatty this morning....

Hope Pavel is feeling much, much better. If he (or you) need to sleep, do so! Best way of fighting off nasty flus - that and tons of vitamin C. I have no idea if Emergen-c and that ilk work but I feel virtuous taking them. I swear I cut my cold's severity in half with zinc spray and the super C drinks...

Be said...

I love the Emergen-Cs and try to keep them around all year round. (Speaking of which, if you go to their site, they're giving away samples, if you're interested.)

I think the problem's really been the dirty ducts. We both started getting really croupy like a day or so after turning the heat on for the first time this year. The duct guy's supposed to be coming next week sometime. (Soonest appointment we could get).