Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pattern Recognition III

House Sparrow mating dance.

Pavel's impression of the House Sparrow mating dance. The hand striking out from the left is my impression of what an uninterested girl sparrow will do to get rid of the unwanted suitor.

Two reasons why Pavel's line would die out if he were a male house sparrow:

1.) He's doing the dance during the wrong season.
2.) He's not persevering enough. I didn't even touch him. Have seen girl sparrows peck the bejeezus out of the males they weren't interested in.

Better luck next year. Or with a different species, perhaps.


jo said...

I have to say I took that more as a overgrown teenager trying to get his parent to feed him dance.
cute nonetheless.

Be said...

You're absolutely right. Pavel caught it as well - he knows his sparrow behaviors! I grabbed the wrong video. (Fixed!)

jo said...

Ah yes, much better...that is the nookie dance. I often find it hilarious when they do it here and land on the chain link fence, sometimes someone doesn't have the best grip and they swing through the holes.

Be said...

Oh my gosh! That's so funny! I've been noting the guys recently doing a similar dance in the yew over the food. Wondering if it's also used as establishment of a pecking order.