Thursday, June 01, 2006

Since it was hotter than all get-out at Southwick's Zoo last Sunday, how appropriate that the theme for the day seemed to be "Mad Dogs and Englishmen." I don't know which category we fell under, but it seemed that we were the only ones not undercover, cranky or napping:

An angry, threatened male ostrich. He made an aggressive noise similar to what turkeys make when they're defending their territory.

Baby brahma cattle relaxing in the shade.

I particularly loved the sprawled out guys in the background.

Water Buffalo

A tortoise from Madagasgar taking it easy after paying probably over a century's worth of dues.

Didn't quite know how to take the lion: bored out of his skull? Unhappy? Just tired? The leopard and the white bengal tiger seemed a lot less put-upon than he.

Cute when asleep.

Somnambulating prairie dog?

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