Monday, June 26, 2006

About the Weather

We've got yet another week of Sco/!/ish weather; no sun 'til Wednesday is the estimate. All my neighbors went either to New Hampshire, Maine or the Cape for the weekend, so I'm watching all their houses. It's nice to visit someone else's place for a change, but quite frankly, I wish that they were home. For one thing - having that glass of wine in the enclosed porch is much nicer when I can share the bottle with my cohabitants. Also, it's kind of creepy being all alone in a six-bedroom victorian.

Will probably brave the rain (strong and steady, comme une vache pisse) to rummage around at the Salvation Army. I see that denim skirts are in and I want one, but I can't really justify the asking prices, so figured I might find something useable there. If not, well, I can always split the legs on an old pair of jeans to make a retro style skirt. I have lots of calico fabric (leftover from last year's Christmas presents - made big scented pillows - stuffed calico with pine needles. Really lovely.) that I could line the hems and the pocket edgings with. Saw a picture of something similar in both the Marie Claire french edition and on the Anthropologie site. I've already "frogged" two tops I was knitting - don't know what the hell I want to make.

Need a new pair of walking shoes. I used to buy from an outlet near work - Saucony is the last American-Made athletic shoe company, I believe...unfortunately, their quality seems to be suffering. Don't know if I should still patronize them or if I should put my money out to better the lives of more deserving Asians at this point.

Would watch some of the world cup, but I'm so mentally tired that I don't feel like listening to the commentary in Spanish. (The Anglo coverage is on ESPN2 - I don't have cable. Network only has Spanish coverage.)

I hate rotten mood days like this.

Oh - went up to Salem to visit AnnaMaria - we were to hike the Ipswich River reservation, but the weather was so bad that we ended up just wandering around the city, eating bad food, then watching a movie. (Cars. Absolutely wonderful. Pixar's stuff runs the gamut quality-wise, but this one made us remember how magic the movies could be. Haven't been this happy over a film since "Master and Commander." Actually, Mario van Peebles's "Badassss" was pretty exciting, too, come to think of it.)

Maybe the exercise will make me feel better. Onward.

(From Grimpen Mire)

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