Friday, June 09, 2006

Misandry's like chocolate to me: a little bit every now and then as a guilty pleasure isn't terrible, but too much will make me very very sick.

Today, I'm craving a bit, so, what the heck:

The World's Shortest Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy, "Will you marry me?"
The guy said "No" and the girl lived happily ever after and
went shopping, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never
had to cook, stayed skinny, and was never farted on.

The End

(HA! Thanks one of my other 'bitter,' over 30, spinster girlfriends!)


Simon Kenton said...

Whenever I think about getting married again, I find a woman I really dislike, buy her a house, and give her half my money.

Your turn.

Be said...

Simon: I could use some extra cash and a house. What could I possibly do to make you dislike me?


As for my turn...have you heard the one about the woman caught reading in her husband's fishing boat? She was picked up in protected waters by a patrol. When the policeman told her that, though she claimed to be only reading in the boat, she did in fact have all sorts of fishing equipment on board. Technically, she could be charged with illegal fishing.

The woman replied to the policeman that he had male genitalia and, technically, she could charge him with intending to sexually assault her. He backed off.


This was sent to me the other day by a male friend who I think was trying to make me feel empowered or something. It actually kind of depressed me.