Friday, June 09, 2006

Disclaimer: I actually prefer men's company to women's in most cases. I find a lot of women, particularly in my age group and in this area, to be too skilled in back-stabbing for my comfort. Friendship with men is much easier, unless one crosses the line between friend and lover. I generally try to avoid this, as it's, for me anyway, a lame tradeoff to go from friend/confidante/equal/human to possession over a bit of sex.

Also: I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, as I'm mildly allergic. That is, I don't mind the taste, but it gives me awful headaches and stomach aches. If I'm going to indulge in chocolate, it's going to only be a little bit, and of really high quality (think Teuscher, Schober or Leonidas). Actually, I much prefer marzipan to chocolate.


Recently took a walk through the North End with a friend and, after dinner, stopped by Mike's Pastry. (We weren't in the mood for indulging, otherwise we'd have gone to Modern - much better.) Since only the pastry and gelato counters were crowded, we got a chance to see the latest works of marzipan art: fruits, veggies, fungus, even fried eggs. How lovely! How nostalgic! How poetic!


Russell said...

Mmmmm, Teuscher. I am diabetic, so I don't indulge often, but life has to be worth living, eh?

Be said...

It's always a cost/benefit analysis. If I feel I can handle being sick over it, I will go out periodically and get a bit. Teuscher's about the only locally-available stuff I think is worth getting sick over, too.

(What decadence - indulging in a pleasure that may well make one ill. Makes me think of Tremachio's Dinner.)

amba said...

Marzipan!! Yes!!!

flops said...

leonidas? *mournful shake of head*
you haven't lived :)