Friday, January 23, 2004

Tech guy played another trick on Punky tonight. I scolded him, told him that he was like a little boy dunking the girl in front of him's braids in the inkwell. Also recommended that he try a flower (not not NOT roses!) to really set her off.

Nothing much of import today. Rode that zen number wave as well as I could. It's getting difficult, though, as there is so much bad feeling going on - I don't like to talk about negative energy, but, well, there's something that's really interfering with my concentration there, my willingness to even get up and get myself out the door to head off to work.

Was trying to use my wiles to get a LCD monitor today. Yup, just call me the Salome of the cube warren. I broke down in frustration with 'it's not like I'm angling for John the Baptist's head. I just want another monitor. I'm sick of having to get progressively stonger prescriptions for eyeglasses.'
Didn't work.

I've not been talking much on news lately mainly due to the fact that it's all either the Iraq Body Count or Primary coverage. One, well, it's war out there, kids. Of course people are dying. Interesting figure: 500 soldiers killed in combat is still 1/10th of the number of people who died in the French Health Care system last summer. On the other side of things - well, I was never really into freakshows, though I did hear that in the debate last night, Peter Jennings really got the knife into Clark and Sharpton. I just want it all over with. The democrat I want and would vote for doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of being nominated. March is going to be a nightmare here with the convention coming and all.

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