Thursday, January 15, 2004

No, I wasn't off on a bender. It's incredibly, mind-numbingly cold out. The job is like that butt-kicking contest that I often talk about. I've been sick. Not much happening aside from movie-watching, scribbling a bit and knitting.

Ness's sweater's nearly done. Have a couple more little projects to work on, then I'd like to get around to working on my merino cardigan so that I can have it in time for spring. I've also figured out a nice way to use up a bit of that cashmere I have laying around.

Not too much else going on, really. I've been sleeping an awful lot. Seem to be tired all the time now. This weather sucks everything out of you.

Office move this weekend, too. Sigh. This is going to be interesting.

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