Monday, January 26, 2004

Had one heck of a weekend. More fun than an old girl like me should be having.
I've learned a few things:

1.) Birdwatching (at least standard birdwatching. Not the stuff my brother and I would be doing out in the Bayou Country of Western New York...Was a wood, a bufflehead...what kinda 'tard are you?) is way too passive an activity for me. I prefer to see birds while doing other things, I guess. From my experience of this weekend, I think that American birdwatchers might best be translated into Trainspotters in the UK.

2.) I miss Eastie. Went out to Jeffries Point for an old roommate's birthday party. Add to this that I miss my old roommate and his girlfriend. That old living situation was bad, but from it I met some really nifty people. Would love to be nearer to Mark and Gie and would love to get to East Boston before it's totally gentrified and I can't afford it anymore.

3.) I'm way too old to be staying out late. Got home at around 2:00 am Sunday and was completely destroyed. Spent the day either lolling around in bed or watching television - two things that I don't normally do.

4.) Beware of anything handed to you in a glass that has the name 'strange brew.'

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