Friday, January 23, 2004

Boy, am I in the doldrums. Was told that I'm not a 'social' person at work - I don't show up for birthdays, pizza parties, etc. I'm not really there to socialize, but to get a job done. Whoever I need to or want to talk to during the course of the day, I do. Most of the other stuff is pretty shallow and banal and generally not to my liking.

There was a very under publicized 'reception' for one of our artists today. Development asked me to come visit, as I'm, I guess, one of the few who shows interest. I asked if I could bring a date and then brought whoever I could from Finance down. The artist whose work was being displayed was lovely. I enjoyed hearing about her influences, both visually and musically. (Pollock mainly, she said. More modern sensibility in general. She listens to a lot of Jazz and seems to particularly like Coltrane.) There is one work of hers (looked like mixed media - cut paper, black conte, white wash of some sort?) that so totally looks to me like Gottlieb meeting Klee. I love it! Killer expensive, however, due to the frame job. Maybe it's worth it to scrounge up the pennies for it. It *is* my birthday very soon. Much more substance than a garnet ring that I just ordered. We'll think about it.

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