Thursday, January 22, 2004

Lordy, what a week so far. I'm more or less settled into my new situation. Have good neighbors - lovely woman from A/P who shall go by the name 'punky,' one of the infernal auditors, Dan the Budget Guy. I made him promise that if I ever decide to take up smoking, he'd teach me how. I'm all for proper form.

Karen's office rots, and strangely enough, she's been moved even closer to the dumpster. She started the poetry wall out of protest against her digs not being painted or even spackled yet.

Got myself wedged in a window on the third floor the other day. Was in the ladies room. Window was open. Wanted to see if I could fit through it. Not really. Luckily I did not have to call out for help.

Last night I ran into a friend from the past - the nice version of a theoretical physicist from the even deeper past. Wonder how he feels about string theory. Wonder if he's still working on his palindrome generator or his Go game.

Sweater for Ness done. Test drove it. Couldn't help it! Was so pink and floofy. Very comforting.
Scarf/hat set for Auntie Stevie. Then a seaman's scarf, I think, for Frank. Moving right along...

Have been amusing myself with my Riemenschneider. (Bach chorales.) They're very good for losing one's self in. 12 bars, wonderful depth. Give myself a bit of time before I start again on deciphering figured bass. That's about as close to improvisation as I'm ever likely to get. It scares me.

Time to go home now, I think.

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