Monday, April 20, 2009

While Pavel and the Frenchie worked on a birdhouse (almost done! just needs to be finished. The Frenchie recommends canola oil.), I got the garden plot measured out, cut into and bordered. Got the soil mixed and heaped up in the center of things just before the rain started, so it looks kind of like a newly-dug grave. Pavel took a couple boards, nailed them into a cross and hammered it in. Ought to give the neighbor a bit more food for thought with tomorrow morning's stogie.

Not a big garden - only about 4' x 5' - but should be enough to keep me out of trouble this season. When the weather improves (hopefully by the end of the week; we'll see.), I plan on evening things out and planting the lettuce, pea seeds and radish seeds. After that, tomatoes, cukes, bok choy. Will have to get some more containers for the herbs (sage, thyme, oregano, tarragon, lavender, marjoram, mint) as I used my two big ones up on the strawberries.


Time now for a late tea, showers for everyone, an even later dinner, than some other work (reading on Fascism for class and this.) Pavel and the Frenchie are going to attempt this tonight. (Wish them luck).


Marcia said...

Bon chance with Mousetrap! I threw mine out in utter frustration - no patience for putting the darn thing together and keeping track of all the little pieces. What was Pere Noel thinking when he brought it to Siobhan???

Be said...

Pavel managed to put the thing together one night when he couldn't sleep - said that it didn't work properly, so was disappointed. I don't have much patience for these things either, so have been avoiding being sucked into the game.

Funny how neither of them seems to want to play scrabble, either (even bilingual). Just got a new board and am dying to break it in.