Sunday, April 05, 2009


"Would Doctor care for a brandy before retiring?...Some warm milk?...Ovaltine?"

Recently had the most incredible craving for a warm mug of Ovaltine, which was odd in that I really never drank the stuff as a kid. (Grew up in a Quik household. My favorite was strawberry).

Picked up a jar of the malt, as that's what I really was in the mood for, and served it up the evening the weather was particularly miserable. Heavens, did it hit the spot. Warmed me up better than a hot shower (or toddy) ever did. Also got rid of the headache that was dogging me the past couple days. Guess I was lacking something that the stuff has - it's got more vitamins in it than the gosh darned pill I take every morning.

Looked at the company website, as I saw that on the package that it belonged to the Nestle holding. Was surprised to learn that it was invented by the Swiss and went by the name of Ovalmaltine; Ovaltine is apparently a sort of Ellis Island spelling. (Funny that, as a while back, was talking to the Frenchie about it and he kept referring to it as Ovalmaltine. Haven't found it at Monoprix yet, but will go looking for it the next time I visit.)

Anyway, am very happy to have followed the craving; this stuff's good and it seems to be pretty good for you. Need more of that in my life.


Jo said...

We always have ovaltine in the house. I too was raaised on Quick, but ovaltine made the occasional appearance and explains my love for anything malted.
husband and I have frequented many Asian markets and Brit stores and his opined one day, Ovaltine seems to have made it globally, almost every nation seems to have it.

Be said...

Come to think of it, I do believe that I have seen Chinese Ovaltine in one or two of the shops in Chinatown. Hmm.


Speaking of malt - have kind of a craving for those speckled birds eggs that make their appearance this time of year.