Saturday, April 04, 2009

Something I was sorely tempted to get, but decided against.

This guy was a super hero. The three volumes in question make up a bilingual edition of his exploits in Spain, Texas and South America. The Spanish he used doesn't intimidate me. (Heck, can't be any worse than Montaigne's French, and I navigated that pretty well as a kid.) However, it doesn't make sense for me to drop that much money at a time when I really need to watch what I spend. Maybe I'll try to find it at a library and, if I like it, will consider getting it for myself as a sort of graduation present.


Sock Puppet said...

That's a pretty cool set of books, but if you just want to read Cabeca de Vaca, you can get much cheaper editions than that one! 330 dollars! You can get a used copy of Naufragios y Comentarios for under ten. Try

Be said...

Sorry - should have been more clear. At the used bookstore where I got the book on military strategy, the set was around $90. The same thing is on Amazon for about $70 ish. Much as I'd love to support the local store, that's a big difference in price.

The appeal of this set is that a.) it's apparently all his work and b.) it's back to back English to Spanish text. The second item would be particularly interesting, as I kind of enjoy comparing translations to sources when I'm sufficiently comfortable with the language being translated.

(Also, it's a really nice print job/binding.)