Friday, July 25, 2008

Free at Last.

The box was packed first thing (the drawings, posters, photos...everything that I used to help forget that I was in a sort of fattening pen...were taken down days ago), then came the emails. Of course there were snags. Of course I was going to be ridden to the bitter end.

DID get a chance to have lunch with a coworker (now a friend) whose last day was today as well.

When five hit, I finished up my last minute notes to the Powers That Be, called a cab, and picked up my stuff. Called out one last "Good Bye Finance!*" and was answered with a resounding "Good Luck, Bev!"

Alone, safe at home, I'm still grinning like a fool.


* My big thing after they moved me to the cube farm was, Monday mornings, to climb onto my desk, stretch out my arms and call out "Good Morning, Finance!" In the beginning, most folks would ignore me and some would groan. After a while, an awful lot would holler back, "Happy Monday, Bev!" or "Good Morning!" That was one of my highlights of the week.

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