Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Chicory in the junkyard on my walk to my soon-to-be former job.

Posting will be sporadic at best over the next few weeks, as I've a number of big dates coming up:

- End of August: house move (haven't started packing yet or even looked into finding a mover.)

- Mid-August: drop dead date for all my extended courses

- A week from Friday: my last day at work.

In addition to this, the Frenchie will be arriving on Thursday and I think my landlord will be trying to renovate my kitchen (yeah, right). I'm hoping to be able to pencil in some sleep time at least in between everything.

Light a candle (or two) for me; I'll be needing it.


jo said...

you quit? you quit? Please tell me you quit because i think it was sucking the life right out of your soul.

Simon Kenton said...

I've watched the ongoing misery for years now. And once or twice noted that it worked well for me to bail out when they gave me a shamer for a new supervisor. I'm sure it will work out wonderfully for you too.

Be said...
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Be said...

I'm modifying what I said earlier, as it was a bit the ramblings of someone very stressed out who couldn't sleep (bad, bad combination).


Funnily enough, I do enjoy my work. Never thought that I'd find such as good niche in the finance/IT area and that's opened up a lot of opportunities. I'll grant that to my company. I'll also grant it that the organization itself does honorable work and for that, I'm happy to have worked there.

However, administration has so degraded over the past few years that it's become both physically and mentally unhealthy to stay there. I also can't morally continue working there knowing how money is wasted.


Anyway, I knew I couldn't stay long given how I'd be harassed after my boss left. It's going to be tight money-wise, but I should be okay for the time it takes to get the other, more important things done.

Made my shrink's day yesterday, I think, when I told her I gave notice.


Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

I hope that both of you are having good summers. I'm looking forward to mine...especially after the 25th.