Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yeah, and the black and white's real subtle, too.

Sat through about a minute and a half of this godawful thing. Had to turn it off at the part about "healing the nation." Geez, I'm not looking to hire someone to heal the country; I just want them to govern it.

More from Pavel:

I just sat through that entire nauseous Obama video. Four minutes and thirty seconds irretrievably gone. “Okay, now, the concrete policy prescriptions? Now, the ideas? NOW???” Nope, sorry.

It’s ironic that this video succeeds in making a monotony out of “change.”

Of course one of the cute scrubbed young peeps in the montage was a female ASL signer. That made it quite complete.

Great. Now for the "spin war." November can't come soon enough.

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