Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, this is a pity.

I'll be honest: I'm not particularly thrilled with McCain for a variety of reasons*. But what other choice do I have now that it's down to him and either Laurence Harvey's Mom or Tabula Rasa?

Gosh, I know that Romney's no Tsongas, but I'm feeling like I did when the latter gave up the race to Clinton way back when.


* McCain-Feingold for starters. I'm not so sure that McCain-Kennedy's such a good idea, either. The last attempt at immigration reform kind of led us to where we are now, so I didn't see how trying it again was going to help. Also, how is this guy under pressure as a result of his time as a POW? I hate to sound ungenerous of spirit or whatever folks want to call it, but I do think that this is a concern. Whether these issues are larger than those that I have with his opponent-to-be remains to be seen.

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