Sunday, February 03, 2008

...By the Company He Keeps.

Last night, someone came and rang my doorbell. Since I wasn't expecting anyone at that time, I just ignored them. Later on, when a friend came by for dinner, he brought along the pamphlet that the (darn persistent, I have to say, as they waited on my porch for 10 minutes before giving up) canvasser left in the mail slot. Made for some interesting pre-dinner reading.

Based on his endorsements (a veritable who's who of people I've vowed to forever vote against), I'd have to say that I don't know if merely holding my nose while pulling the lever would suffice. I'd probably have to be drunk as well. As if that all weren't enough, I find this in today's news:

Obama Offers Encouragement to the President.

But is it enough to console him? Though lacking the support of the French, Nicolas Sarkozy got some encouragement yesterday from Barack Obama, candidate for the Democratic nomiation for the American presidential elections. "He is an energetic man with much talent. I am impressed by his manner of looking at the problems specific to France with a new vision," declared Obama in an interview to appear in next Thursday's Paris Match. "His hands are not tied by tradition or dogma. He should serve as an example for other leaders," added the senator from Illinois. He also stated wanting to meet Nicolas Sarkozy during his European tour if he wins the primaries (against Hillary Clinton) The two men had already met in May, 2007."

Much as I was trying to gear up for supporting Class over Experience, I really can't stomach this. Guess I'm back where I started: either the guy I'd figured I'd support or my boss as a write-in.

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