Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Got to my polling station at about 9:00 am figuring that what with all the pre-primary hype, it'd be a mob scene. As it turned out, there were fewer voters than poll-workers on site.

Breezed on up to the check-in and gave the lady my information. She found me, saw that I had a big "U" after my name, so then asked which ballot I wanted. Their obvious surprise at my response was pretty tactfully restrained*; the fellow who handed it to me even wished me good luck and a good day.

Filled my card out, then handed it in. Done deal! The lady at the ballot-eater even gave me a parting gift:

I was really happy, as the only other person I saw get a cool flag sticker was a toddler.

Happy Super Duper Tuesday!


* Somerville still has a token Republican or two kicking around. Still, a typical 30-something female, even in my not-yet-so-gentrified part of town, would be an enrolled Democrat.

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