Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tired. Old.

Mamasan, Summer 2006.

We've aged a lot over the past few days.

Mamasan's a lot sicker than we originally thought. Was going to have him put to sleep today, but just couldn't. That will need to be dealt with after the holidays, as he's not hurting and I need him so much right now.

Pavel said that he'd take him back to NJ over Christmas, since he had such a blast at Thanksgiving (warm house, plenty of people food, another friendly cat to groom him). P's dad is a deacon and took a liking to Mamasan, so wants to pray over him. Wish I could be there. However, will be elsewhere.

For now, the Old Guy (he's not quite 18) is jumping around a lot (you should see him!), eating whatever he wants (even has a place set at the table, complete with dish and napkin), and enjoying good lap time with me when I'm home and not in a fit of tears. He's also getting a fair bit of reiki (don't laugh!)

Life has to go on. It does, but I'm having difficulty getting it started up again.


Dr Bob said...

It's terribly sad when dear friends come to the end of their lives -- but the memories stay with us and, these days, so do the photos.

I'm glad I've shared my life with cats, but I've cried each time I've let one go ...

Be said...

I dreamt about Bashi for half a year after he passed away (Christmas Eve eight years ago). Mamasan's still pretty sprightly, though he could go south at any time. I'm making a point of spending as much quality time with him as possible, now.

It's funny to think that a cat someone else didn't want and who just sort of wandered into my apartment years ago would end up being The Man in my life.