Friday, December 21, 2007

Decided to break my longstanding tradition of not participating in the company potluck (which is mostly catered anyway) and Yankee Swap. Picked my gift for for its packaging, a wine-bottle-shaped basket, as it'd make a great needle caddy. Was so excited about that that I sat down without even thinking to look for anything inside. The crowd hollered for me to get back up and open my gift. I did and found something that I'd always wanted but would never think to buy myself: a Mayflower Poultry tee shirt! I've threatened the Frenchie with wearing it at Eco Fruit next week, as that place seems to have been overrun by Somerville/Cambridge types (I blame Dassault).

Short of time and energy, I wrapped up an amethyst-colored scarf bit from my WIP basket with a promise to have it finished and in the recipient's mailbox by Monday morning. The person who chose it was so pleased with its color and the fact that it was handmade that she found me afterwards and gave me a hug. Certainly went a long way towards improving my day.

Need to send a thank you note to the lady who got the tee shirt. It's so me, gosh darnit.

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