Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Triomphe Pyhrrique de la Pipolitique*?

"Sarkozy's going out with Carla Bruni!"
"You mean he and Khadafi are no longer an item?"
Chappatte, Le Temps de Geneve; reprinted by Courrier International.

A few things to keep in mind when reading news coverage here is that France is a completely different animal from the US, Sarkozy is not the French Bush, and the media there are largely NOT skewed against him (quite to the contrary). Anyway, it's kind of interesting to see the less-than complimentary coverage of the latest photo-op "romance" between Monsieur le President and Mick Jagger's ex. Perhaps it's one nana** too many after the 'heartbreak' of divorce***? Perhaps the pattern of personal life stuff showing up in the news to take the edge off something that puts the President in a bad light is getting too obvious for even the media types there to ignore?

* pipolitique (as in politique de pipotique) is such a cool word and such a great descriptor of the Sarkozy administration's operations to date: pipotique is Powerpoint speech: saying a lot, but meaning nothing. "Big Bang in China," "Cultural Revolution" for the bureaucrats, "Environmental New Deal," are the last three propos that come to mind.

** chickie

*** particularly laughable was the cri du coeur that rose up from the usual suspects over l'affaire 60 Minutes. He pulled a combination Dean/Kerry and all anyone thought to ask was "how dare they pry into his personal life?" How indeed, as it's for him to drag through the tabloids at will.

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