Thursday, December 13, 2007

Early Release.

Got the email from HR telling us we could leave at 2:00. That's just as well, since I'm kind of just waiting around for the baton to be passed off to me. Would much rather be elsewhere.

Had an incredibly frustrating morning: was supposed to have a people doctor appointment tomorrow, but it was cancelled. The receptionist I called told me that they had left me a message on my voice mail (certainly didn't receive one on any of my phones). I didn't push the issue, as, well, what's the point? Previous confrontations over the same thing have not won me anything. Sighed, made another appointment for the end of February, then asked for something closer up for my knee. This didn't work out, but I DID learn from her that my care group has walk in clinic that's open weekends. Not great - but it's something.

Took Mamasan to the vet: from the way things look, he's got an over active thyroid and a bum tooth (which would go a long way towards describing the lump called a fatty tumor before and the drastic weightloss). The vet, a nice enough lady I guess, took some blood and pee and said she'd have test results tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, after that, my benefactor/ride person started asking her all sorts of questions which sounded like second-guessing...she certainly seemed to interpret it this way. Between the two of them, couldn't get a word in edgewise. When I did get my question in, was treated to a rather heated lecture from her (she stopped just short of finger pointing, thank heavens) about questioning her diagnosis and methodology. Got a curt "nice to meet you" and a quick exit. Didn't know whether I wanted to start crying or be swallowed up into the Earth, I felt so horrible. Still feel like crying.

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