Thursday, May 17, 2007

The walk home last night was a trip. I got about as far as Union Square (about 1/4 of the way home) when the sky started turning biblical black (wish I had my camera with me!) and the wind started picking up. By the time I'd crossed the intersection, the rain was coming down like from a spigot.

Spent a few minutes under the Reliable awning communing with and feeling like my favorite fish:

Mmm, Fish.

Then, when things let up a bit, continued on my merry way home.

The lightning started in earnest as during my Prospect Hill ascent. As the thunder was still following by quite a margin, I didn't get too worried yet.

Managed to stay fairly dry (save for hot feet) up until about Medford Street where no fewer than five commuters fantasizing about their ski-doos in Winnipesaukee soaked me with their puddle jumpings. It kind of made me wonder how much ruder the drivers in NY or Miami could be.

Did make it home in one piece just before the storm was over head (thank heavens). Saw that the hostas had perked up a bit, so was pleased about that. I'd been worried about them as the ground's been like powder lately and the twice-daily waterings weren't cutting it. They really needed a good, serious, soaking rain and, boy howdy, did they get it. Hopefully they'll get a couple more before the weekend is out.

Changed into dry things, killed a couple centipedes (what is it with centipedes and Somerville/Medford? I think I've killed more of these terrors in my time here than I'd seen in my life previously), baked a potato for dinner, then hunkered down under the covers with a good book.

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