Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dispatches from Abroad.

During his afternoon in Gien, The Frenchie bought two bistro plates at 1 EE apiece, two blue plates at 8 EE apiece, and a couple of teacups. I'm not too crazy about Gien Faience, but he's got a great collection of it (it's a family thing).

Toits et Ancien Pont - Gien

Rooftops and 18th century bridge, taken from atop Queen Anne's castle, August 2006

He decided not to take a walk around town, as it was looking like rain. Instead, he headed back to Sully-sur-Loire to have dinner in a favorite little cafe-turned pizzeria facing the chateau.

Chateau a Sully sur Loire

Siège du duc de Sully, taken August 2006

Since the weather was holding up, he thought to wander around the perimeter of the castle. I wonder if he ran into the flotilla of geese (With some new recruits, of course: it's Spring, after all.) that entertained us so last summer.

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