Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So, how'd things go in Massachusetts?


Kennedy's back in again (big surprise). So long as I can hold a pen, I'm going to keep voting against him, however.

Deval Patrick is our new governor. I was rather disappointed with this, as, quite honestly, I don't like him. I thought that he was about as content-free as one could get and that Healey was the only one in the lot of candidates that had a good, coherent plan. Unfortunately, the race was a dirty one, and her side didn't outsource the mudslinging like his did.

(Karen has a theory about this: people are not looking so much for a good public servant as for Charlie Brown. They want someone sweet, cute and wise-seeming beyond their years.)

Most everyone else I voted for got in. The two in my ward/precinct I left blank got reelected, as well. In all, not much changed, and what did change wasn't unexpected.

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