Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Language left me for a bit, but secondary strengths came to the forefront. As it turned out, my powers of concentration increased to the point where I could teach myself some rather knit-picky projects: stranded color knitting being one of them. My first attempt was this pretty little cap - a great tutorial in Bohus and Shetland/Fair Isle techniques.

Since I'm feeling cut off from words, I've been playing a lot with sounds, shapes and colors. Knitting's been very fruitful, and music's been a comfort (back to basics: lots of Czerny and Hanon. I've also set aside Les Six for Chopin, Schumann, even a bit of Debussy. Am also finally getting started on a transcription project I'd been thinking about for some time). At work, going through this book (am on chapter three now), in addition to seeing how much SQL and VB I can manage to get back. I don't have the confidence or the energy to change situations (was thinking of moving house and job) right now. Eventually maybe.

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