Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On the way home last night from one of the myriad doctor appointments it seems I have to keep nowadays, I ran into Pablo. We decided to grab dinner at the new sandwich shop by the guy who gave us the East Coast Grill (wonderful but pricey).

While enjoying my about-as-close-to-Buffalo as I'm likely to get here beef on weck, I caught a bit of CNN's Situation Room (sound off, but with a Steely Dan soundtrack) blogging party and had to smile. Yes, the whole alternative media thing is neat (guess I have a bit of investment in it), but did there need to be coverage of a roomful of people with laptops? Granted, the sound was off, but I think I'd rather have waited till I got home to read what my favorites had to say than watch a bunch of random folks tapping away in a nondescript bar somewhere in DC.

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