Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm amazed that, at the end of November, I still have flowers blooming in my garden:

A rather battle-weary but still colorful purple coneflower. This plant has something like two other buds, that, if they aren't killed by a frost, will follow.

Sweet Alyssum. This stuff is dripping from raised beds all over the neighborhood. I have two colors in my yard: a light purple and the ubiquitous white.

In addition, there are still some lobelias, pansies and lots of marigolds. I had dahlias up until about a week ago, when I dug up the bulbs and put them in the cellar.

The herbs (thyme, tarragon, oregano) and sorrel are still out like gangbusters. I've also got a very late crop of spinach that should be just enough for an omelette or, perhaps some soup this weekend when it's supposed to become more seasonal out.


On a slightly disturbing note: On the bikepath, I saw some cherry trees blooming. This morning, noticed that the irises were sprouting again. All this, plus the allergies have come back in force.

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