Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More stuff to keep in mind the next time someone hollers "torture!" in reference to Guantanamo.

-'force feeding' schedule changed to evening hours for Ramadan

- two Eid feasts served to accomodate those who chose to extend their fasting by a day because they believed that US soldiers were trying trick them


(Idle question here: how many people who decry the Evil Empire's 'torture,' so cheapened now as to include perceived 'cultural insensitivity,' were even aware that last month was Ramadan, or knew what day Eid al Fitr fell on this year?)


Geo said...

He who can accomodate torture in his value system can tortue you when you become his enemy. A torturer is a torturer is a torturer. Doesn't matter who is tortured or what excuse for doing it is offered.

Be said...

Guess I'd agree with you if I knew for certain that your definition of torture didn't include looking at the "tortured" in the wrong way.