Saturday, March 13, 2004

Telegraph Opinion Article

Whether it be the ETA or Al Qaida, I guess it really doesn't matter. Hopefully this will turn European (and American) know nothingness around and make them realise that this isn't about America vs the World. That there are people out there who for whatever sick reasons they have hate us and want to see us dead. That there are people that you just cannot reason with and that you must use force to strike back. That we cannot afford to ignore what is happening in the hopes that it will go away.

Though it seemed on first look to be the work of The Base, pundits are claiming that this horrible attack is looking more and more like the work of either the ETA on its own or in conjunction with some Islamist group. If that is the case, I'm sorry, my sympathy for the ETA's cause has gone the way of my sympathy for the cause of the Palestinians in Israel. I have absolutely no cause with those who will further their agenda with violence against innocents like the Thursday commuters. People in nightclubs. Stock traders, cab drivers or waiters.

I'll continue to pray, think good thoughts for the victims and their families. I will continue to hope that we keep our man in office, as the opposition is obviously not serious with regards to this (most important to me now) or much anything else. I will continue to pray, think good thoughts for my friends here and abroad, that they make it home every evening safe and sound. I will continue to hope for justice to be done and for an eventual end to these awful times.

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