Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Quicky puzzler here: which came first, man or society?
What is society comprised of?
I'm always curious, when people start going off on that 'it's society's fault' riff, who they think makes up 'society.' Did it just show up like some big, ugly Venus on a nuclear clamshell?
How do you propose to rid man of the scourge of society so that s/he can live nobly and less savagely? What do you propose to take its place for structure? Who is going to run it? Oh, all men will be *empowered* to work together? Who are you proposing to manage and direct the newly empowered men who are now working together? Will they be getting their inspiration directly from The Source? Able to work like ants? Or will there still be the God -> Mediator -> Population model? In which case, and let me restate the question, who will be the Mediator?

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