Friday, March 12, 2004

I'd gather that you have heard about the horrible train bombing outside of Madrid the other day. The Spanish authorities had at first stated that it was the work of the ETA (Basque separatist movement). Didn't seem right to me, as the ETA seemed to be hitting military installations and government buildings. They also would claim responsability for the attack very soon after. Turns out that an al-qaida related group is claiming this one.

Glenn Reynolds has posted what I think is a good idea - send condolences to either the Spanish Embassy in DC, or if you live in a large city, to send condolences to the consulate. Here is the link to the embassy:

Spanish Embassy

The consulate in Boston is: 545 Boylston Street, Suite 803. Boston, MA 02116

I'm going to try to head over to sign the book of condolences today.

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