Tuesday, December 02, 2003

First day of snow. Oh my. I love the snow, but I hate hate hate! navigating the streets of Somerville. Gridlock everywhere. Fishtailing trucks all over the place. Question for you: which is scarier...a fishtailing Range Rover or a fishtailing Explorer? Happily, I made it to work in one piece and not too late.

With cold weather comes the inevitable need to protect one's body from the elements. First day of stockings. Sigh, hate 'em. I feel like a nylon sausage. To make up for this awful equivalent to whalebone, I have my 'ease into winter' outfit: brown velvet dress, comfy suede clogs, slightly ragged but still nice tiger striped scarf. I look pretty good in spite of my trials of getting in.

Also broke down and colored (yes, colored) instead of hennaed the hair. Garnier fruite...Garnier fructe...frugiverous Garnier. Number 92. Apricot. Amazing how something so unnatural can make me look more natural than the 'natural' equivalent. Got to hand it to the French. Blood for oil? Bien sur que oui! Antiamerican? Whenever possible. Anti Semite? Well, deduct what you can from a place that calls Passover 'Jewish Easter." Good with cosmetic products? Yeah. What's a girl to do. Snort

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