Wednesday, December 31, 2003

As well you all might know, I don't have a political affiliation. My thought is to look over candidates and eventually vote on who I think will get the job done. That said, my heart usually leans to the left on a number of issues. It's too bad, however, that what is considered the 'left' politically here is rapidly disintegrating into incoherent insanity.

Here is a 'top ten' of quotes from the democratic underground:

RW News

My favorite two are the last couple where the poster talks about those on the left being in the upper percentiles intellectually and that they have to take their rhetoric down to the level of the troglodytes who vote Republican.

Why would I ever want to associate with people who express themselves as such? They are as bad, or worse than the 'fundy religious rights' that my 'Cambridge Liberal' friends rail against so.

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